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Chic Alert Medical ID is thrilled to offer custom ID tag engraving for any jewelry purchase made from the Chic Alert Medical ID online store. Having your vital medical information engraved on your Medical ID, is key to prompt and effective treatment.

Our engraving is done by an accredited third-party for a small additional charge and allows engraving on either one side for $12.50 or both sides for $15.00. Depending on the item....Each side is limited to 4 lines of engraved text with 14 characters per line. Because they are just that, Custom engraved orders, orders will take an additional 1-2 weeks to fill and ship.

A Medical emergency can happen anytime and now that you have your Chic Alert Medical ID jewelry, the Medical ID tag will need to be engraved. It is extremely important to have a brief description of vital medical information engraved on your Medical ID so it is right there for the EMT to take immediate action with your treatment. Prompt diagnosis is critical to effective treatment. Emergency responders are trained to look for Medical ID's upon assessment, ensuring appropriate and timely Medical care. Your Medical ID will speak for you in an Emergency situation if you are unable to speak for yourself.

Chic Alert Medical ID recommends that you consult your primary physician or health care provider on what they think is important to be engraved on your medical ID tag.

All engraving done by Chic Alert Medical ID is covered under the Limited Warranty. Warranty protects from faulty workmanship for one year from date a purchase. All ID tags will be engraved with the exact spelling entered on the engraving form. It is your responsibility to make sure spelling is correct, so please Double check that you have entered your information correctly. For a list of correct condition, medication and allergy spellings, see who needs an ID? Engraved text will be in all capital letters and appear in the order you entered. Engraving text cannot be changed once order is placed.

If you prefer to have your ID tag engraved elsewhere or at a later date, we recommend you support your local and small businesses. The engraving portion of the limited warranty is only valid for Engraving done by Chic Alert Medical ID, any engraving by a third party voids that portion of the limited warranty.

Please note: Chic Alert Medical ID is not responsible for any medical treatment or mistreatment that may or not be received, based upon its wear and reliance of information supplied. Nor are we responsible for the use or misuse of the contents thereof. By purchasing this Medical ID jewelry, the buyer is fully aware of this disclaimer and will not hold Chic Alert Medical ID LLC, it's owner, employees, vendors, manufactures or affiliates responsible.
Suggested Information to be Engraved…
Name: First & Last
Medical Condition(s) / Allergy
Emergency Contact Number with area code

Tips to Help the Emergency responders with prompt diagnoses and treatment…
Customers with Diabetes: Identify the Type (I or II), Insulin Dependantancy, Medications and or if you are on an Insulin Pump
Customers with Allergies: Identify type of Allergy (Food, Drug, Insect), Name of Allergen (ex. peanut, bee), Severity of the Allergy and if Epi-Pen is required / Location