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Kate Ward, Chic Alert Medical ID, Founder & CEO, Living with Type 1 Diabetes since '99

After over fourteen years of living with Type I Diabetes, moving to New York City, drastically changing my lifestyle, and never wearing any sort of Medical alert jewelry - I decided it was time for a change. New York City can be very demanding and fast pace - it is a place where you are always on the go. Knowing that, it was stupid of me to not be wearing anything. Although being very controlled with my Diabetes, I would worry - what if I had a diabetic attack on the subway, at the gym, on my walk to work? I needed something to put my mind at ease. Having spent the 14 years prior looking for chic, fashionable & trendy Medical jewelry I knew there was none to be had.

As the creator of a fashion culture blog; Fabulous Girl NYC, Over eight years experience in the Fashion Jewelry industry - with experience in Merchandising, Sales, Marketing, Buying and Consumer Economics paired with an eye for fashion, I knew it was time to put my knowledge to the test and design my own line. Creating designs and samples, I began wearing my own pieces while I explored how to make this dream a reality. To create a jewelry line that would serve a medical purpose while at the same time being a trendy, fashionable and chic accessory to any outfit - one that you would be happy and proud to wear regardless of your medical condition or fashion situation.

More than a great fashion medical jewelry line, Chic Alert Medical ID is near and dear to my heart being someone living with a chronic illness. Follow me at the Chic Alert Medical ID blogspot, Diabetic & Fabulous, as I share life stores from living with Type 1 Diabetes. Sharing tips and lifestyle advice that makes living with Diabetes a little bit easier. From Recipes to fashion advice and lifestyle tips, Diabetic & Fabulous is just that…Fabulous. Check out my blog here....http://blog.chicalertmedid.com/