Identify Yourself...Finally A Fashionable Medical ID
Chic Alert Medical ID is a Jewelry Company who is passionate about providing all of those living with a medical condition a jewelry line that is fashion forward, trendy and cool, while at the same time serving as their lifeline in case of a Medical emergency. Just because you have a medical condition you shouldn’t be limited to poor design and non-stylish products just to make you feel worse about yourself and your condition. Chic Alert Medical ID is here to change that by offering truly fashionable on-trend costume jewelry ID pieces that can be accessorized with any outfit. Giving the wearer the confidence of knowing that incase of a medical emergency their jewelry could communicate their message and potentially save their life. Chic Alert Medical ID believes that medical jewelry can be fashionable while still serving its purpose.
Roughly one out of every five people living in this world has a medical condition that paramedics and doctors need to know about right away in case of a medical emergency. If you have a chronic disease, medical condition, an allergy or take a pharmaceutical drug that could threaten your life it is highly recommended that you wear some form of medical ID jewelry to communicate your message. A brief description of vital medical information engraved on your Medical ID ensures appropriate and timely Medical care. Wearing a piece of medical ID jewelry offers you peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one will be properly cared for in a timely manner should an unexpected medical emergency arise. So, if you should be wearing an ID, why not do it in style? With Chic Alert Medical ID you really don't have any more excuses not to be wearing one.
Chic Alert Medical ID was founded in New York, New York in the fall of 2012.
Chic Alert Medical ID is thrilled to offer custom ID tag engraving for any online purchase. During the order process you will decide if you would like for us to do the engraving for you, or if you would prefer to do it yourself at a later date. Just remember that having your vital medical information engraved on your Medical ID, is key to prompt and effective treatment. Chic Alert Medical ID recommends that you consult your primary physician or health care provider for what they think is important to be engraved on your medical ID tag. Our engraving is done in-house for an additional flat rate fee and allows for engraving of up to 3 lines at 14 characters a line. Because they are just that, Custom engraved orders, please allow an additional 1-2 weeks to fill and ship.